The holidays


The holidays are just around the corner. I wish I could hide and not come out until they are over.


My new logo.

image These are my favorite pair of crutches. They are black laquer, In – Motion Pro forearm crutches.
They stand at approximately 2 1/2 feet with an arthritic fitted handle and wrist band. It’s a quick sketch which took me about 20 minutes to do with soft pastels. I love working with soft pastels because they blend well. They are a bit messy but they are easy to clean. Unfortunately since I don’t have fix a dent, there is a possibility it may smear so I have to be extra careful with this piece.
This is my new logo. I haven’t figured out how to incorporate my initials into this design yet but, when I do I will re-post. What do you think?

The Doctor’s Office

I went to the doctor last Friday. That was a fun experience.
I was in the big waiting room for 20 minutes.Then I was called back into the smaller waiting room in which the nurse took my vital signs. She proceeded to ask me the usual questions; How are you feeling today? Are you still taking the same medicines? Why are you here today? I said I was fine and still on the same stuff. I also informed her of why I was actually there; because without a prescription my wheelchair would not get the repairs it needs.
She gave me a dingy smile and then said. “The doctor will be with you in just a minute.”  As she left the room she closed the door behind her. My appointment was scheduled for 2:30 pm. I was there a whole hour and a half before the doctor  came in to see me. In the time span that it took someone to come in to make sure I still in the room, I had read three outdated magazines where I learned all about the diabetic lifestyle, how to improve my parenting skills, by the way; I have no children, and just a little bit more about my little bitty home town, the contents on the walls and since the building had free WiFi I checked all my social media. COME ON REALLY? I was getting extremely frustrated I was just about to leave then she decided to come in. She smiled, introduced herself. She checked my vitals, asked me if needed anything. I shook my head, smiled back and she left.
I went to the doctor so she could tell me I was fine, hand me a prescription to get my wheelchair repaired then she took out her machete, chopped my arm and leg off and said “Thanks, See you in May.”


I fell out of my wheelchair one day but it was all my fault because I wasn’t watching what I was doing.
It’s not the first time I’ve fallen out of my wheelchair. It’s happened before, on a short “walk” going down hill, my chair gained speed and it literally threw out.
I was on my way to work. It was very early in the morning when it happened and at the most inconvenient time of day, but when is 6:30 a.m. ever a convenience…and on aMonday, UGH! I was already short on time. I had piled my things on my laps; keys-check,wallet-check, badge-check, lunch-check, blanket-check everything was here.
My commute was waiting for me. She honked to let me know she had arrived. I was wheeling out backwards and I must have miscalculated the distance between my arm and reaching for the door to close it when all of a sudden I felt myself tip over. Unfortunately my chair doesn’t have safety features. You know those little tiny upside down horns with the teeny tiny wheels at the ends that keep a wheelchair from falling over backwards? Yeah, my chair doesn’t have any and I’ve been trying to get them put on for about 4 years now but every time I start the process red tape seems to get in the way.
For those of you who are not familiar with red tape it’s the bureaucracy that I have to go through in order to get clearance from the government for my medical supplies or any medical equipment I may require such as wheelchairs, crutches etc.etc. replaced or renewed in order to survive (thanks fraudulent claims I really didn’t need a brand new pair of crutches anyway.)
I wasn’t scared or didn’t break any limbs and the only thing hurt was my ego. I’ve fallen before but rarely out of my chair. It’s a good thing it happened when no one was around. I was kind of embarrassed. I gathered myself and called my commute to let her know of my situation. She asked if I was okay ,if I needed help and to take my time coming out we were in no hurry to leave because we were great on timing. Since I have excellent upper body strength I was able to physically gather myself and “walk out” as quickly as possible so as not to be late for work.
On my way to work I made sure I hadn’t bruised or broken anything. I’ve fallen before and broken my leg but didn’t know it until I’d gotten home; it was a very traumatic experience so now every time I fall I check to make sure nothing is broken. Next time I’ll just have to do better with my time and make a more accurate calculation between my arm and the doorknob. May be even get the government to finally put the safety features on my wheelchair.