Wanting an art show.

I know I’ve already posted this once but this little doodle is the only recent piece I’ve actually completed in the last few months ;by the way,it’s done on a paper towel.

I want an art show. I’ve already gotten some information for one of the local galleries. I just need 10 awesome, beautiful pieces and $125.00 to exhibit for 3 months. I don’t think is going to be hard. I just won’t eat as much and cut back on purchasing frivolous things.

My goal for this summer is to at least complete 4 paintings and 2 drawings.

For the next 3 months I will try to stay focused and stop letting others FUCK WITH MY CHI! 

 I really just need to stop hanging out with people whom carry a lot of negative energy and I know will definitely bring me down. 


Female nude figure

I’ve been slacking off lately. I have a lot of W.I.P.’s started and no time to finish them but as soon as the school year ends I will have plenty of time to relax and finish what I started.

I was working on this little doodle when I realized how much I enjoy and miss drawing the human figure. 

I have always been fascinated by the human body. It such a well constructed machine. So much fits in such a small space. It’s no wonder it such a mystery.

Story: WHY?

Everyday it gets more and more exhausting to coexist on this godforsaken planet. It seems like the days get longer and time becomes more and more monotonous.

Everything is so repetitive and boring. It seems as if God keeps me on this earth as a form of punishment.

I was seriously considering filling the tub with water and drowning myself but I changed my mind. The thought of suffering a long,slow,agonizing death just adds insult to injury.

Maybe I’m just tired of being alive with no true purpose. I wish I wouldn’t have been born like this. I wish I was normal.

Being trapped what seems like a mobile box just isn’t as exhilarating as it use to be.