Male Figure: pencil



I was watching a DIY show this morning as I was having breakfast. The host and a guest were making vegan street tacos with eggplant. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan but since I have a lot of food allergies I’ll endulge in a vegan meal every once in a while and since I’m Catholic more so during lent. I’m highly allergic to fish, but I digress. 

They were making street tacos with corn tortillas but didn’t bother to heat it first. I notice alot of people don’t heat tortillas before consuming them, especially corn.

Corn tortillas have to be heated before consumption or they will fall apart in your hands. It is not a good idea to heat them in the microwave either because you might as well be eating a taco on a piece of poster board. The best thing to do is heat it over an open flame carefully or get a cast iron hot plate (comal) put it on medium heat and heat it that way, otherwise; don’t bother eating tacos with corn tortillas. Flour tortillas do better in a microwave than corn.

Nameless Ghouls

Ghost lml! One of my favorite bands in the entire world. This photograph isn’t one of my best ones. It was taken 5 years ago, maybe. 

It’s actually of the Nameless Ghouls, what the band is called without the lead singer.

They were beautiful. They play beautifully composed and orchestrated heavy metal music. 

Their style reminds me of the 80’s metal I grew up listening to.

Arm in a sling

I went to the doctor today and he put me in a sling for a week or until I find out if my shoulder is torn. I don’t know how I’m going to function since my wheelchair is manual, but to be fair, I only have to wear it at home and at work when I’m stationary which is for 30 minutes at least.

It’s been cold and snowing lately here in the panhandle which makes it really hard to go around in a wheelchair.

Over the Christmas break it snowed one weekend and I was trapped in my apt. until the snow melted a little. Well, when it did I took the first chance to try getting out of my apt. 

The day I did make the  attempt, my ramp was still covered in snow so I grabbed my dust pan and started shoveling myself out. As I was digging I started slipping much like a car would in ice or snow, that’s why I hate it so much. I grabbed onto the rail to try to stop myself but with no success and in the process almost took my thumb off. 

As I had finally made out of my confined space (I actually made it pretty far) one of my neighbors saw me and was wondering what I was doing out in such freezing weather and with so much snow on the ground. I explained to her my situation. We both laughed and she kindly helped me get my mail and then back to my apt. She then says if I needed anything to call her; there was no need for me to be outside. I laughed and said thank you. She went on her merry way and I stayed inside for the rest of the day. It was way too cold for me to be outside anyway.

Writing as Therapy

I’ve been writing a lot lately. I find writing to be soothing and quite therapeutic. It feels great finally getting things off my chest.Writing my thoughts and using MY words is so refreshing. As of lately I’ve been feeling angry and very hostile. I realised one day that I’ve been holding in alot of my anger, resentment and hostility towards other people in and it was making me crazy. So I started writing it down getting it out of my system. I’ve also come to the conclusion I don’t have to be nice if I don’t want. I let too many people dictate life.

It’s helping me to improve my writing skills. I’m very aware that there’s alot of grammatical errors but that’s okay.