Decluttering the mind

I got rid of my Facebook and FB Messanger applications. My Facebook account is still there I just can’t get to it unless I google Facebook or do a search. I had to. It was turning me into a crazy person. I was so obsessed with it,I wasn’t having peace of mind. This year I will actually get to leave this little dirt clot for Springbreak but I can’t enjoy the anticipation of being able to travel this year because I’m so obsessed with being on the Facebook all the time.
We as a society have become so obsessed with knowing everybody’s business we can’t even live at peace with each other. 

This will be my way of decluttering my mind so I can focus more on my artwork and since I started writing I would like to focus more on my stories. So if anybody desperately needs to talk to me they will have to call,txt or can message me through tumblr, twitter or instagram. I haven’t decided whether to do this until after spring break or the rest of the month. Who knows? For now I just need my mind to rest. 

I will still be posting and maintaining my fb art page but that’s all I will do.

Disabilities on T.V.

I was watching an episode of “Mom” which comes on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. The show is about a recovering alcoholic who is played by Ana Farris who moves her family back in with her mom who also happenes to be a recovering junkie. 

The mother is dating a physically disabled character in a wheelchair named “Adam Janakowski” who is played by William Fitchner. 

In a recent episode, “Adam” who is the mother’s boyfriend has a dog whom he claimed he had to give up after he ended up in this thing (his wheelchair) after his accident. 

I wonder what the writers, producers, and directors were thinking when they created this episode. Do they not know of the thousands of people in wheelchairs that have dogs that are capable of taking care of an animal. Or of the access animal (mostly dogs) that are trained to assist the physically disabled?

You see folks this is what Hollywood does. Rather than do a star search for a extremely attractive disabled actor that is actually in a wheelchair, they get able bodies like, William Fitchner, put them in wheelchairs and pretend they are disabled so they won’t have to spend the time and money to look for one. 

They did it with Passion Fish staring, Rory O’Rork was Here, and Ironside. You know why Ironside didn’t make it?because Blair Underwood is not physically disabled.

Trinidad, Colorado

I was recently invited to an all expense paid, 3 -4 day trip to Trinidad, Colorado. One of my friends who didn’t want to go by herself, invited me to go with her for spring break. It’s a 3 hour drive from the little dirt clot we live in and I can’t wait. 

It has a state park with wheelchair accessible trails, old churches and I here it’s also famous for it’s unique population and other recreational activities which I have no desire to partake in. I’m just grateful to get out of this little hell hole for a while. 

I’m going to take my camera so I can take pictures of the sites and maybe some of the local residents. I would like something to paint.