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Men Say the Darnest things.

AWWW men, the most beautiful creatures alive. They look good, they smell good and at times they even ta……never mind. A man doesn’t worry about what he looks like when he walks out the door, isn’t focused on his weight most of the time, will rarely watch what he eats and doesn’t slather himself with paint in order to attract attention. He doesn’t use torture devices to remove unwanted hair such as wax and tweezers or the brand new trend….string. Most men will not surgically enhance themselves to please the world they just let it all hangout with great confidence. They have a natural beauty all their own. A man has a way of expressing himself out loud without a care in the world. His brutal honesty is what makes him the most beautiful creature on earth and sometimes get him into major trouble. Which brings me to my next little venture. The year was 2004  Nelly’s single Hot in Here had just debuted. This was on a night that I wasn’t using my wheelchair and I was out with my girlfriends. We were out about enjoying ourselves,getting an early start celebrating the weekend. We were in a club drinking and dancing having a great times when out of the crowd emerged a cute little guy, they’re funny. He was quite nervous. I could tell because he gave a shy smile and gave me very little eye contact. He was quite pleasant until he asked me this one simple question. People are always curious about my disability especially men. I don’t mind questions I really don’t. Questions are what educate people. There is no question I will not answer especially if it’s a need to know basis. This little guy was brave because without blinking an eye he asked me something I had never been asked before…. at least not in these words. His exact words were “Do you work?” and I answer him “Oh yes I have a job.” and I look at him like what do you mean. His little eyes dropped to my midsection and then he looks at me with great excitement and then proceeds again “NO I MEAN DO YOU WORK?” My jaw dropped to the ground because I couldn’t believe what he had just asked me.He gave me a weak, pathetic smile and had disappeared back into the crowd. That was a great night.

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 17

Joe Hinojosa

Since midnight last night, according to my stats on the NaNoWriMo website, I have written 3516 words, bringing me up to a total of 28,541, and on par for the first time since day 11. I have no illusions that I will stay on par at this point. It’s been hell just trying to stay in the running, but I have. I will come out victorious!

Thankfully the last two days of NaNo will be on a weekend, and I currently have weekends off. As long as I don’t fall too far behind, I’ll be okay. Work is killing me. I like to write at night, and working the night shift is seriously killing my writing mojo. But it’s okay. It will be okay.


I went back earlier today and started reading from the beginning. I do that from time to time, just to measure how far I’ve come…

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What kind of society do we live in where two men are allowed to marry each other and a couple can just “live together” and try things out maybe they will like it instead of advising them to get married? A very hypocritical society that’s what kind it is. We make laws to protect the safety of children and then give a woman a “right” to murder her unborn child because it just isn’t the right time to have a baby and not bother to tell the father until after the evil deed is done. We tell teenagers not to breed while handing them a condom, fill our bodies with drugs,alcohol and cigarettes and then turn around and tell each other to stop eating meat because it’s bad for us

Book Review: Through Kestrel’s Eyes

Joe Hinojosa

Kestrel Through Kestrel’s Eyes © 2013 Yvonne Hertzberger

Through Kestrel’s Eyes is the second book of the Earth’s Pendulum Series by Yvonne Hertzberger. I reviewed the first book, Back from Chaos back in August. All the major characters are back, except in this book, the story is a first-person narrative as told by Klast and Bresna’s daughter, a seer named Liannis.

Liannis is a young woman, newly come into her responsibilities. Chief among her abilities include the gift of foresight, usually given to her in a series of dreams from Mother Earth, and the ability to truth-tell, which she uses if a prisoner needs to be interrogated, of if someone’s loyalty is called into question.

The seer works for Earth, a goddess personified, who uses Liannis as an intermediary to maintain balance. Earth’s ability to provide for her inhabitants is strained by man’s refusal to live in harmony with one another…

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