Tree Trunk

So I was going on my daily walk when I notice this tree trunk. How old was this tree?


Story: The guy

Yesterday I was sitting in the sun getting my daily dose of vitamin D, minding my own business when this guy on a bike comes racing up to me and informs me of a child who had just been hit with a car. 

He seemed distraught and in a panic, so I naturally assumed it had just happened. I asked him where it had happened and if the little boy was still alive. He says, “Oh, I don’t know. It happened this afternoon… about one o’clock.” 

He stays and talks for a while. He was a 30 – yr-old, short, fairly handsome kid. He was wearing a cap, sun glasses, a green faded t-shirt, an old pair of jeans and worn out tennis shoes with a backpack. He was dirty, sweaty and hungry. He seemed sad and exhausted. I asked him if he was okay and if he needed anything. He smiles softly then says “no thank you.” 

He then begins by saying his identity had been stolen not too long ago and how we are wasteful humans ” we should be recycling more.” He rambles on about wood recycling stops which I had never heard of before. But as he was talking he was holding what looked like a torn bicycle tube but I think it was something else because it had electrical innereds. 

He came a little closer, stuck his hand out and introduced himself and me being the germaphobe that I am pulled away, smiled and said “nice to meet you.” I ask him if he lived here in this apartment complex and he says “No, but I use to.” Then I take a big risk and ask him if he was homeless. He smiles sardonicly and says “kind of, sort of, but not really.” I give him a perplexing glance but didn’t “go there.”

He rambles on about how his father taught him to be a hard worker and how he made sure he never went hungry. I asked him if he grew up here to which he responded “yeah.” He goes on about how this use to be a beautiful, clean town “BUT NOW IT’S FILLED WITH TRASH!” He says with anger and frustration.

He finishes his story, smiles and bids me a good evening. As I observed his body language it seems as though he just needed to vent. So I sat and listened to this total stranger. 

As we both exited I notice he enters one of the buildings in the complex.

The next day as I was sitting in the sun once again minding my business one of my neighbors says.”You know that dude you were talking to yesterday?” I say “yeah?” He says. “Well, he was tresspassing.”



It is not cool to ask a physically disabled person what happened to them when first meeting. I realized this not too long ago when I was out and about with one of my girlfriends.

A friend of mine has been feeling a little depressed since she lost her job. So  one day I call her and invite her out for drinks and maybe see a live band in great hopes of cheering her up. 

She comes over, we talk a little as I finish getting ready for our evening. 

It’s about 9:45 pm. We drive around for a bit. We first stopped at the local biker rock bar, which happens to be one of my favorite places to hang out. There was a band playing that night which I really wanted to see but unfortunately she didn’t want to be in a smoked filled place with a bunch of loud bikers. So we drove around once more until we were in the downtown area. I suggested we go to a wine bar and just sit, talk and listen to the acoustic musician  playing while we drank wine. She agreed and  parked her car in whatever spot was available at that moment which was close to the cute little wine bar at the corner of the downtown area. 

As we get out of her car we here a rock band playing in the distance. So we follow the sound which lead to a swanky, yuppie bar close to one of the main buildings in the area. They were young college students from Wisconsin. I didn’t get the name of the band but they were really good. They played original music, classic rock and even a little early 90’s music with their personal touch. It was quite pleasant. It was an outdoors concert. The weather was quite pleasant for such an ocassion with the exception of a slight windy chill in the air.

There were table and chairs set up outside of a local bar. I think the band was playing for a while now because there was a good size crowd going. 

The tables and chairs were already full so my friend grabbed a couple of empty chairs and set them aside where we could enjoy the music but still away from the crowd. She got a couple of glasses of wine while I settled in my spot. 

The band was playing one of my favorite songs but I didn’t recognize it until the chorus. They had butchered it. But in my great disappointment of how they had treated my song I look up and notice my friend was emotional. I ask her if she was okay and she says yes and tells me she needs water. A waiter had passed by to ask her if she was okay and begins to comfort her. I think he was just being flirty because she was leaning on him. As I was trying to figure out what song the band was playing the waiter looks at me and instead of making me feel welcomed and asking me if I would like anything He looks at my fore arm crutches and AFOs(ankle/ foot orthos )and gestures with a finger and a wave  and asks “What happened to you?” “What’s going on with you?” “Why are you like that?” and  I look up at him trying to process his questions and then I say back to him. “The band is playing my song.” And he answers  “ohh.” and then he walks away without taking my order.

Now I’m okay with questions. Ask away, it’s the only way to get good, vital information without being offensive. But please don’t let that be the first thing out of your mouth when approaching a physically disabled person. Do not let the physical disability be the focus of what could possibly be a pleasant conversation. 

My disability is not the main aspect of my life. I am trying to get away from all that entails as a person with a disability. I have a lot of obstacles to hurdle on a daily bases which are stressful.I live in a world that can sometimes be very handicapped unfriendly. I am not going to start giving a total stranger information about my disability while on a relaxing outting (unless my life is in danger then we’ll talk). 

Ask me about my favorite song, my favorite metal band, my art work, book, author…I am more than happy to answer any questions about my disability anytime but not while I’m trying to have a good time. Let’s be friends before asking me questions and maybe I’ll fill in the blanks.

Stay focused and don’t stare, That’s rude too.