Nude male: chest and abdomen, Model: Tekklans

About a month ago I was contacted by someone who was very impressed with my work. He wanted me to do a graphic, nude portrait of himself to which I explained to him I did not do stuff like that. What he actually wanted me to do was a drawing of his genitals.

You see folks, I don’t do porn. I create art. I take the male form and turn it into something beautiful and sensual while still maintaining it’s masculinity.

Male nude: sitting down

This model is a wheelchair racer. He wanted to remain anonymous; that is why I left some details out of the face. He did this in the nude because he wanted to show that there are different body types and he was very comfortable with his.

I thought this was going to be a huge challenge because of the wheelchair. I had never drawn one before. I was concerned about the detail but it was amazingly easy.

I really love drawing.