VP Shunt malfunction


In the past 5 days my health has been declining. My sight has slowly becoming blurry, I’m both mentally and physicslly exhausted. I sleep alot. I have to set alarms to wake up so I won’t lapse into coma, I’m losing my appetite and I’m struggling to think,concetrate or even performing basic everyday tasks. Even writing this post is a challenge. I get vp shunt pressure headaches and they get worse when I’m under a lot of stress or anxiety. 

I have a doctor’s appointment set for 2  weeks from Thursday in Dallas, TX so I’m hoping and praying that I qualify for a replacement (I’ve had mine since 1970.) Or at least an adjustment. 

If you would like to know more about a  Ventriculoperotaneal shunt (VP shunt) I’ve included a link on the top of this entry.