VP Shunt malfunction


In the past 5 days my health has been declining. My sight has slowly becoming blurry, I’m both mentally and physicslly exhausted. I sleep alot. I have to set alarms to wake up so I won’t lapse into coma, I’m losing my appetite and I’m struggling to think,concetrate or even performing basic everyday tasks. Even writing this post is a challenge. I get vp shunt pressure headaches and they get worse when I’m under a lot of stress or anxiety. 

I have a doctor’s appointment set for 2  weeks from Thursday in Dallas, TX so I’m hoping and praying that I qualify for a replacement (I’ve had mine since 1970.) Or at least an adjustment. 

If you would like to know more about a  Ventriculoperotaneal shunt (VP shunt) I’ve included a link on the top of this entry.

Vp shunt replaced. 

I’m going blind. I really am and it’s because my VP shunt is finally failing. After having it in for 47 years with no problems its finally had it. I knew it was causing me problems when I started getting headaches and blurry eye sight. For those of you who don’t read my blog. A vp shunt (ventriculo peritoneal) shunt is controls my hydrocephalus; an over production of the cerebral liquid.

My speech is slurred at times and I lose my train of thought. l’m exhausted all the time, I have a hard time keeping my eyes open and I’m going blind but I’m not allowed to go to the emergency room until I’m completely blind or I feel faint.

In the next couple of weeks I will be taking several trips to the DFW until my surgery because there are no VP shunt specialist here in this rinky-dink town I call home.I will also be doing a lot of drawing and painting just in case something happens. I will have left my mark on the world. I’m not scared. I can’t wait. I will be rid of the headaches for good. But until then I just sit and wait.

Wanting an art show.

I know I’ve already posted this once but this little doodle is the only recent piece I’ve actually completed in the last few months ;by the way,it’s done on a paper towel.

I want an art show. I’ve already gotten some information for one of the local galleries. I just need 10 awesome, beautiful pieces and $125.00 to exhibit for 3 months. I don’t think is going to be hard. I just won’t eat as much and cut back on purchasing frivolous things.

My goal for this summer is to at least complete 4 paintings and 2 drawings.

For the next 3 months I will try to stay focused and stop letting others FUCK WITH MY CHI! 

 I really just need to stop hanging out with people whom carry a lot of negative energy and I know will definitely bring me down.