VP shunt malfunction: Things are happening.

I am not well. The headaches are getting more painful everyday. I’m exhausted mentally and physically. My thoughts are jumbled. I’m starting to speak slower and I have to concentrate just to speak and stay focused and that literally hurts my head. I feel tingly all the time.

I had to walk today and I lost my balance. I was in my crutches too. 

I saw one of my friends in mass today. She said hi and I couldn’t even remember her name. I had a hard time carrying a conversation with her because I paused mid sentence to think about what to say next. As I was trying to unlock my door I was like a drunk person and couldn’t find the keyhole.

I eat very little because I’m also starting to lose my appetite. I get small surges of energy and when that happens I do as much as I can before the next wave of exhaustion hits. I’m still sleeping every 2 to 3 hours. I sleep alot, it’s hard to stay awake in my condition right now. I’ve been sleeping on the sofa and keeping one of the locks on my door unlocked just in case I do happen to lapse into a coma before the 19th when I have a neurosurgeon in DFW, some one will be able to find me since I live alone. I can’t wait for this thing to be fixed or replaced.


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