Gas Mask

I’ve been listening to 21 Pilots lately. It has nothing to do with Suicide Squad… Okay it has a little to do with Suicide Squad.

I was bored, uninspired suffering from insomnia and much like my other favorite bands Ghost and H.I.M. I was on the YouTube ( yes I’m old, I don’t care.) clicked on a video wanting to know why so many people were into “this stupid band.” 

I watched Heathens and countless other videos by this band then I clicked on “Lane Boy” and found this. 

Have y’all ever seen this video? It is amazing. The imagery in the video is exhilarating.Yes I am aware that this song highlights 3 different genres but so what that’s what makes this song is amazing. I have decided to make a tribute piece. This mask is just a tiny portion.

It will be a four part piece highlighting the members individually, the group as a hole and what they represent.

I’m really excited. I haven’t done a piece like this since my “Join Me in Death” by H.I.M. painting.


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