I hate Painting or am I just tired?

I’m sitting here avoiding a painting I started last week. I used a pallete knife to do the under painting and I’m ready to do the actual painting but now I just don’t want to. Is it possible that I may start to hate my favorite passion or I may be just too tired to do it. You see folks I’m an educator and the school year is slowly coming to a close. I do all my drawing and painting over the summer to keep myself busy but yes that’s right I’m about to make a shit load of excuses on why I haven’t been doing it a whole lot lately. I’ve had a bad year. My identity got stolen, I’ve have a couple of “almost didn’t make it to the end of the month” moments and a dislocated shoulder which by the way is still dislocated doesn’t help. Plus I had an emotional breakdown which almost lead me to suicide. Luckily my best friend who happened to call the day I was going to do it talked me out of it. She is a beautiful, wonderful person. That’s why I love you. 

I am physically and mentally exhausted. I’m just tired of being bamboozled and ignored. The fact that nobody cares just makes me sad and feel isolated. 

I’m hoping with summer vacation, I can relax and start working on my art once again.


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