Massive headaches

I was painting a demo for my friend whom I started to teach how to paint when I got this huge massive headache. I think my vp shunt has finally had it.  You see folks I have a verticular peretenal installing (VP shunt) to keep my hydrocephalus in control. What is hydrocephalus? It’s an over production of the cerebral liquid that surrounds the brain.

My mom has always informed me of what my happened if it were to clog or need replacing. She said I would have massive headaches and start to go blind. Well guess what folks? I think it’s happening. I started getting these massive headaches and I started wearing my glasses more often. My energy is gradually being drained. I may have to have it replaced or adjusted. It was a good run this VP shunt of mine and if something happens, I’m not scared. I think I’m ready to go.


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