Decluttering the mind

I got rid of my Facebook and FB Messanger applications. My Facebook account is still there I just can’t get to it unless I google Facebook or do a search. I had to. It was turning me into a crazy person. I was so obsessed with it,I wasn’t having peace of mind. This year I will actually get to leave this little dirt clot for Springbreak but I can’t enjoy the anticipation of being able to travel this year because I’m so obsessed with being on the Facebook all the time.
We as a society have become so obsessed with knowing everybody’s business we can’t even live at peace with each other. 

This will be my way of decluttering my mind so I can focus more on my artwork and since I started writing I would like to focus more on my stories. So if anybody desperately needs to talk to me they will have to call,txt or can message me through tumblr, twitter or instagram. I haven’t decided whether to do this until after spring break or the rest of the month. Who knows? For now I just need my mind to rest. 

I will still be posting and maintaining my fb art page but that’s all I will do.


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