Otep: Otep Shamaya

 * The following entry has adult language. If you are easily offended, DO NOT READ IT!

OTEP SHAMAYA, lead vocalist for numetal band Otep. Let me tell you about Otep. I went to see them this past weekend at a tattoo convention called Inklife.I’ve been going to this music and art festival since it’s 1st anniversary back in 2012. They feature national and local artists, metal bands and a freak show with human suspension. I really didn’t care for the human suspension, not because of the grotesque aspect, but because it was just plain boring. 

But back to Otep. I went to see them this past weekend. They were the opening band for Hatebred and they were the most fascinating metal band I’ve ever seen live.

Otep Shamaya is vegan, an animal rights activist and an advocate for gay rights. She has the muscle mass and the testosterone level of a man. She stands at approximately 5 ft. and 5 ins.tall. She’s 5 ins. taller than me. She is hardcore gay and a bad ass. 

She came out and sang her first song. Her vocals are aggressive like a screamer. Screamers are unclean and aggressive with intense pitch.

After the first song she greeted the audience and then sang “The stars at night are big and bright” we clapped and answer “deep in the heart of Texas.”  as if it were a reflex. She was very impressed that we knew “our state song.” By the way, Deep in the Heart of Texas is not our state song. It’s Texas Our Texas which was adopted in 1929, not like Alabama whom didn’t know their state song. 

Then she proceeds to sing a mock version of the Alabama state song  which includes a line about killing black people and then she says “at least I didn’t say brown people.”  One of the security guards was a beautiful African-American man. I thought he was going to jump the stage and kick her ass. She probably could’ve taken him too. Right before they play the next song which was about equality she goes off on this rant about being equal.Then she picks up her equality flag,waves it the air and continues on her rant. I was expecting her to say she wanted a world filled with “faggots and dikes”  She spoke very crudely but I’m sure it was all show. From what I’ve read about her she is well accomplished and very educated. 

 The last song was about “beating the man” She takes out this impaled pigs head plays with it for a bit then had us raise our fist in the air. 

I myself don’t listen to Otep because I don’t care for numetal because it doesn’t have that medolic, orchestral sound that progressive metal has, but Otep was actually good. 

The band plays together and the vocals match the sound of the band. It’s frustrating when the lead vocals don’t match the style of a band. It makes it hard to listen. I would go see them again. Otep Shamaya is awesome because she stands by her conviction. I admire that in a person. 


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