Jaime Jasta-Hatebred

I went to a tattoo convention this past weekend called Inklife. I had to take my wheelchair to this festival because the place was really huge and I would’ve been worn out by the end of the night.

It’s a tattoo convention that was started back in 2012…I think. It’s a music and tattoo art festival filled with family, freaks and fun. It’s on it’s 6th year and each year it gets better and better. 

They feature a lot of bands; mostly metal. One of the featured bands was Hatebred. They are metal core; which is punk and metal fusion.

I’m not really into Hatebred but Jaime Jasta is HOT. When he took stage I lost it.

His vocal style is a combination of growling and screaming. According to the research it takes more talent to growl and scream than it does to actually sing. I don’t believe it but okay I’ll go with it. He was very impressive. His vocals are very aggressive but clean, crisp and not labored. What I noticed about most of these type of singers is they don’t use their diaphragm to do the growl or scream and that’s why they sound labored. What I also liked was that this band plays together and his vocal style actually goes with the style of this band.

Their style kind of reminds me of those 80’s metal bands that started coming out of the wood works just before the whole hair band Era went down. Especially when they played

Overall they were a really good band. I would go see them again as long as Jaime Jasta was with them.



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