Natural Assumptions

I’m in a wheelchair. It’s a 2015 Litestream FX deep purple sports chair. It’s customized to my physical needs and specifications. It has removable leg peddles and arm rests with a crutch rack so I may carry my crutches if I plan on walking a certain day. It also has a seat cushion that, believe it or not,serves as a floatation device if I fall or decide to take it into a swimming pool.

So why am I telling you about my wheelchair?  Well about a couple of days ago I was sitting outside enjoying the odd summer temperature, in the middle of winter, that we have here in the Texas Panhandle when a gentleman in a bicycle rides up to me and starts preaching.  

He introduces himself and then rambles on about how he is Christian and how God had sent him to talk to me. He was talking really fast so I could barely understand what he was saying. Then I heard him say something about me being homeless and I say. “Hold on there Hoss I’m not homeless. I live here.” and I point to my apartment.  And he says “What!” I repeat myself but this time with a very irritated tone. “I live here and I have a JOB! I come outside to get some air and use the WIFI!”  And he looks at me and says “WOW, Don’t I feel like a douche right now, …And you have job; that’s more than me. I don’t even have that!”  He apologizes for his assumption, bids me good day and rides off into the sunset. 

…And the moral of the story is don’t assume someone is homeless just because they happened to be in a wheelchair.   


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