Hed (P.E.)

Hed(p.e.) is suppose to come to my current home town in a couple of weeks. l’ve already seen them once. They were a good band but I wouldn’t go see them again because the lead singer who claimed to be from Texas felt the need to criticize us after every single song. I was really excited to see them too. 

This idiot basically said we were a bunch of closed minded hillbillies because Marijuana was still not legal here…And so what. I don’t give a flying fuck if the ganja is still illegal here. I don’t smoke it and even if it was I still wouldn’t. 

Eventually with the way this country is progressing it will soon be here too. Yes, homosexual matrimony is legal here. I’m cool with that. I don’t plan on harassing people for wanting to be happy. 

Listen, I don’t own a horse, or a cowboy hat or a pair of cowboy boots. Those things are extremely expensive, only the comfortably well off own those fancy dancy  things and I only make enough to stay alive, besides cowboy boots are uncomfortable. I don’t own a button down plaid shirt or boot cut jeans or a belt buckle as big as a dinner plate. Only rodeo champions own belt buckles that big.Those things are ugly and uncomfortable. I’m a casual wear type of gal.

 I don’t listen to country music because it makes my ears bleed and want to drive a drill through my brain. I listen to metal and that’s all I listen to. It calms my spirit. 

You know who is a proud Texan Vinnie Paul of Pantera and HellYeah!


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