Odd Characters

A couple of nights ago I was sitting outside at night star gazing enjoying the sounds. I love listening to the traffic and other night sounds. It helps me calm down and ease my mind. 

I was enjoying the atmosphere when this gentleman pulls up beside me and yells out a lude comment outside his window. 

I look up and I say “What?” And he repeats it’s. I look around to see who he’s talking to and he yells “hey” and he says it again. I look at him and I yell back at him  “I live here and if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to call the cops.” He speeds off as I watch him cut through the parking lot of a restaurant near my house.I could here him laughing. I don’t know whether he was laughing at me or at the thrill of being able to say something that disgusting in public to someone like me. Either way I wasn’t really scared even after I thought he was going to come back.

After that little episode, do you think it would’ve kept me from coming back outside at night?

By the way,I was scared…just a little. 


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