Who goes where.

I recently had to go to physical therapy for a shoulder I had hurt when I fell out of my wheelchair. I won’t go into much detail because that’s not the point of this story. As I rolled in to the Physical Therapy Facility  I had to go use the facilities so I checked in and the nice receptionist directed me to the nearest bathroom. As I “walk ” in I immediately go to the handicap stall and was instantly shocked at how small it was. As you can see my wheelchair didn’t even fit so I had to get out of my chair walk into the stall. It looks like the only modification that were made was side hand rails.

I hear people getting outraged about who goes into what restroom. “And why is that man going into that bathroom?”

To be perfectly honest it doesn’t really matter to me who does what in where. As long as I can fit in a restroom stall comfortable to where the only transfer I have to make is from my chair to the toilet and then back to the chair. 

So the next time you start to complain or get outraged over who has the right to go into designated restroom think about how small some handicap stalls are.


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