Story: Lonliness

I’m lonely for friends and not so much for someone to live for…..for people to talk to me. For people to acknowledge my existence and to value my friendship.

To tell me their lives are better because of me….for someone to call me a best friend and actually mean it. For someone to tell me “I love you.” with the heart, soul and mind. I just want a simple conversation with someone who will listen. 

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth being alive and coexisting with other creatures. 

If the research is correct, I only have 2 years left and that’s okay. I don’t really want be here anymore. This is a lonely place to be. Everyone here already has a friend or a best friend. 

Co existing in a chair is not really feasible or jocular anymore. Life has become monotonous in chair and it doesn’t seem to get any better from my point of view.

I once heard this line in a song “Life is too long for me.”  Life is too long and it just seems like it gets longer and longer everyday. I’m stuck in a world that no one wants me in but somehow I have to stay until such time that I may be permitted to leave.

Everyday I pray for it to get better but alas my breath is wasted. I just don’t want to do this anymore. I’m exhausted. 

It is tasking to find people to talk to, share joys, happiness and will actually stop to listen. It’s like trying to find a job that can and will be done in a matter of a few days.

Coexisting in a world where there is no connection is something that is hard to understand or “get” because we as humans need each other to survive. 


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