No wheelchair For Me

About 2 Thursdays ago. I had to go to work without my wheelchair. It was a very exhausting day.

See, I don’t drive yet because in the town I live in, there are very little practical services for the disabled. There are no driving schools for the physically disabled here. I could go to a bigger city but there would have to be a huge improvement in my finances but that’s another story. 

There’s a shuttle service here in the town I live in that takes the disabled anywhere they want so long as it’s within the city limits. It’s expensive but well worth it because, it’s exclusive to the physically and  mentally disabled and elderly as long as they can prove they have a disability. The shuttles are clean, it has heating/ a.c., the drivers are respectful and polite, it’s  at your door and it’s by appointment only. 

So about 2 weeks ago I ended up going to work without a wheelchair because my shuttle forgot to schedule me in


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