The Doctor’s Office

I went to the doctor last Friday. That was a fun experience.
I was in the big waiting room for 20 minutes.Then I was called back into the smaller waiting room in which the nurse took my vital signs. She proceeded to ask me the usual questions; How are you feeling today? Are you still taking the same medicines? Why are you here today? I said I was fine and still on the same stuff. I also informed her of why I was actually there; because without a prescription my wheelchair would not get the repairs it needs.
She gave me a dingy smile and then said. “The doctor will be with you in just a minute.”  As she left the room she closed the door behind her. My appointment was scheduled for 2:30 pm. I was there a whole hour and a half before the doctor  came in to see me. In the time span that it took someone to come in to make sure I still in the room, I had read three outdated magazines where I learned all about the diabetic lifestyle, how to improve my parenting skills, by the way; I have no children, and just a little bit more about my little bitty home town, the contents on the walls and since the building had free WiFi I checked all my social media. COME ON REALLY? I was getting extremely frustrated I was just about to leave then she decided to come in. She smiled, introduced herself. She checked my vitals, asked me if needed anything. I shook my head, smiled back and she left.
I went to the doctor so she could tell me I was fine, hand me a prescription to get my wheelchair repaired then she took out her machete, chopped my arm and leg off and said “Thanks, See you in May.”


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