This is not a parking space.


I live across the street from a store. Once in a blue moon, when I can muster up the strength to leave my confines, I will actually go in my wheelchair to get a snack. Well on this particular day I was going around the corner and I see this car parked on the handicap ramp. I had to go around this vehicle, try to squeeze through the little space and what was left of the ramp so as not to damage my chair, almost falling off the sidewalk and out. This is not the first time it’s happened. I see this all the time and everywhere. In stores, malls, theatre and even on public schools.People park their cars in the most inconvenient  places. I’ve even seen them park in front of a ramp. That’s even worse because my domain has a ramp in front of it for a reason. I’m in a wheelchair, I need to use it so I may be able to get into my home safely. Please don’t park there  I need to use them.


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