Is it okay to ask?

Today I went to the mall to get a haircut. Suprisingly when I arrived there were a lot of teenagers. So I asked around and I was informed of  The Greater Southwest Competition that had taken place earlier in the day and then I say “Why are they here?” Don’t they like going to REAL malls. I was responded with laughter and a great big giant “NO” but I digress,
I went to get a haircut. As I walk into the place I find out the girl that usually does my hair has already been booked for the day so I go to another person. Well I get to her station and she puts on the capes as not to get my clothes full of hair but before she puts them on I ask her if she would like for me to transfer from my wheelchair to her chair and she says “no, no that’s okay, you’re fine.” And so she continues with the prepping process. But then she starts to get on her knees and then I ask her again if she would prefer that I transfer to her chair and once again she says she’s fine and so I say “okay”. But I see she’s struggling with the wheelchair by stooping over and on her knees but she insists on cutting my hair in the wheelchair instead of asking me to transfer into her chair.
It’s okay to ask me or tell me to transfer from my chair to another spot.It’s not rude or insensitive or politically incorrect or an inconvenience to ask me to transfer. If it makes a job easier and I am physically able to do it I will transfer from my spot to another. Think of it like this; I don’t get a physical in my wheelchair because a doctor is afraid to ask me to transfer from my chair to an examination table.


2 thoughts on “Is it okay to ask?

  1. People in wheelchairs are viewed – due to lack of personal experience of the more able- as totally vulnerable, incapable and often …non existent… by those who feel awkward and dont know how to respond. So, it is understandable that this lady was prepared to inconvenience herself believing she was doing the right thing and in the process causing both of you to feel uncomfortable about the situation. Doctors are more used to what is what and to a greater extent of the capabilities of ‘vulnerable’ people.
    As i a find myself in a similar situation from time to time- i have learned to take the decision to myself and say: “I want to move to – Do – Get- Sit- Get up- Go…”etc. according to my judgement of my abilities and comfort – mutual or personal.

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