Story: This Door Closed.


It was 7:30 in the morning and 32° degrees. It was freezing on this fine Monday morning in March. I had lab work done on this day before going to work so I had my commute drop me off at my doctor’s office but before I got off the car I stated “It shouldn’t take me that long so do you mind returning in an hour? ” They said “sure” so I went inside. There’s two entrances. There’s an outside entrance and an inside entrance but as I entered through the outside doors, I see, out of the corner of my eye, a sign posted on the left side of the inside entrance: THIS DOOR CLOSED. My natural rhythm automatically veers to the right so I use the door on the right side.
I went in, I did what I had to do and I came back out. It doesn’t take long to do lab work. As I waited for my commute to return I realize that the building was getting a little too cold so I go into the small hallway between the inside and outside entrances where it’s heated. I was start to get comfortable when I notice these people coming towards the left side of the door before they notice the sign. Some even read the sign in disbelief before going to the other door. It was quite amusing to see in some faces how apalled they were for having to use only one door to enter. But there was one particular lady whom I couldn’t believe actually worked there and I know she did because she had on scrubs and an i.d. badge.
She saw the sign, read it and still stood in front of the door a full minute before turning to me and asking “Is this door still locked.” I flashed my lazy, sardonic smile, knodded my head and answered “uh-huh”  to which she then decides to go through the other door. After she had entered the building I start to laugh silently and think, “Who stands in front of a door a full minute, reads a sign, turns to another person only to find out that the door is still locked?


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