Story: The Window washer

I was at the doctor’s office today and I was watching the window washer do his job. He had his equipment all set out ready to wash the windows and doors.
He first grabbed the squeegee, used the brush side to wet the windows and then flipped it to use the other side to take the eccess water off but as he was using the squeegee with one hand he would wipe it off with a sponge with the other so as not to leave any wet spots on the windows lastly he would roll on to his hand what looked like toilet paper and wipe off any residue left from the squeegee. He would use this up and down motion on each and every window and door to clean both sides and he would go through this step by step process every time but, now my question to you is ,why did he have to go through this monotonous routine 5 times on every individual window and door?


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