The Minion

This is “The Minion” allied, friend and cake thief. She is a 20 lb. half terrier and half mini shnauzer. She turned 4 – yr-old this past March. By her bubbly personality you probably wouldn’t be able to tell she came from an abusive home and when I got her, her former owner was ready to get rid of her because she had too many dogs anyway. She was a very angry little girl. She barked and growled a lot and she hated anybody going near her. She was probably kicked,beaten and teased a lot by small children because she hates and is terrified of them. My guess she was being taught how to growl for the purpose of becoming a guard dog. But in a manner in which a hand would be wrapped around her little snout, jaw forced shut and head shaken until she growled and I found this out because I wanted to hand feed her so she would get use to me but when I came towards her she growled, snapped at and tried to bite me. Of course I left her alone and just left her food in case she got hungry. It took a week for her to get use to her new home. My sister was staying with me at the time so I would call from work to make sure she was okay. And then one day she was lounging on the sofa. I got home from work she saw me and crawled into my lap. I was so happy I think I cried.
She is the most intelligent little dog I know. Since most of the day I’m in a wheelchair she has learned to adapt. I have taught her to walk on the right side of my chair, to wait for me, walk and run on command and pick things up off the floor for me. All of her commands are in Spanish because I don’t want her getting stolen.I am currently trying to find someone that will assist me in finishing her training and getting her certified as an Access Animal. She loves playing tug of war, fetch and keep away. Some how just knows when I need help because when I start to reach for stuff she hands them to me and when I need a hug she just let’s me wrap my arms around her. She is perfect because like me she has a hard exterior but a delicate heart.


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