Manni I


Last night a very important part of my life passed on, my best friend. He was 17 years old and was a beautiful little stray cat that was given to me by a friend of my friend.
But this was no ordinary cat. He was unique. He was black, hairy and had the most perfect brilliant yellow eyes I had ever seen on any creature. He opened cabinet doors because he knew that’s where his food was and like any escape artist he figured out how to open windows and doors. He played hide’n’seek and was excited when I got him his first toys ever ;as a matter of fact, he didn’t know what to play with first.
When I got my first apartment I really didn’t plan on a pet much less a cat. I didn’t really like cats.
A dear friend of mine came over one day and fed me a sob story about how her friend had to give his cats away because he could no longer afford them and how he found this other cat and I knew where this was going. Immediately stopped her, said “no no no.” She begged and pleaded and finally said “come on just look at him.” “he’s a kitten.” So I said “fine bring IT over.”  The next day she comes over and hands me this panther. I say to her “this is not a kitten this is a lion” and she starts laughing but I couldn’t resist I was in love.
He was beautiful, smart and was my comforter. Some how he just knew when I was sad or happy. He was my friend, allied and keeper of my deepest, darkest and most evil secrets. He would stay with me until I fell asleep and would wake me up with a slap in the face because he was hungry. He would wait for me at the door until I came home from work and then cuddled while I napped. He loved to hear me read out loud while I worked and was the only living being that knew I wasn’t tone deaf because I sing out loud while I paint. His favorite snack were waffles and always knew when we were going to have wafffles for breakfast.He loved listening to Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage with Howard Jones and loved Josh Groban. I remember this one time my sister and I were watching a Josh Groban concert on PBS and he stopped his routine rampage just to watch him in concert. His little ears stood straight and his little eyes just stared at the television like he was in a trance. I will never forget his crazy little rampages and his soft little meowing either asking for attention or food.We have been through a lot together. From broken relationships and broken hearts to ill relatives. Through three apartments plus a living arrangement with some friends to having to put up with a dog.We have been through it all. I love you Baby Panther and I will miss you. You were sent to me for a reason.You made me the happiest person alive and made life so much easier to live.But now it is time for you to go and I will just have to accept it. I’m never going to forget your fuzzy little face and that cute little nose.I love you forever.


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