I don’t know how to pray and really mean it. Is God really listening when I’m “praying”? What does “praying” actually mean?</p

I use to pray. I use to pray all the time. I would take out my rosary beads and recite them while meditating over the day. I would pray for my family, pray for my friends, and basically pray for people who were suffering from unnecessary burdens. But then I realized why am I performing an act that someone or something may or may not be listening to? Then I was talking to my sister and she suggested that I make a list. On one side write down every thing I am grateful for and on the other what I would like to accomplish. So I sat down one day and I did just that but then I heard my brother once say. The reason we aren't getting our prayers answered was we never start with "If it is your Lord…." and so I did that too. But then I heard a priest say that sometimes God will answer your prayers with a great big giant NO and that we should be at peace with his decision. Another priest had mentioned not all good things come from God.Sometimes the Devil will answer a prayer to make believe the answer came from God because he too can hear your prayers. That’s why it is done in silence and not out loud. Is this true? And then I also have a couple of friends who gave me instruction on how to pray “correctly” so God may hear me and will know that I’m being sincere. Now if there is a “correct” way to pray will somebody please tell me so that God will hear me. I also hear a couple of these phrases.”Sit quietly and wait. He will answer your prayers before you know it.” Here’s a good one: God never closes a door without opening another, and my personal favorite “Wait on him. He will know when it’s the right time. “Just ask him with your heart he will give it to you,” “When will the “right time” be? And how much longer do I have to “Wait on him?” Why are people always saying these things? I don’t know what that means. Why can’t I just free myself of all the religious jargon. without being condemned to hell. I used to believe all the relegious hub – bub. Not so much now. I’m not atheist. I still believe in God. I just don’t believe he is actually listening to me anymore. I know that sounds very egotistical and I shouldn’t have that mentally because we are not here for him we are here because of him. I’m just at that point in my life where I’ve lost hope and I’m tired of praying for a better way of life. So until my needs are met I will just have to stop, sit quietly and listen.


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